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2.16 - Handy Solutions

24th Mar 2021, 11:47 PM in Chapter 2: Toxic Relationships
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2.16 - Handy Solutions

Author Notes:

Cobalt Arachne (@Nayreia) 24th Mar 2021, 11:47 PM
Cobalt Arachne (@Nayreia)
So busy these days! @.@ Photo finish! So we'll be doing Wednesdays from now on (banner update coming shortly), needing to figure out my productivity schedule as I work on new City of Heroes stuff.

We're almost to April! Hot dang!

See you all in the City!


Poison - Rogue - Pink-Lightning

(Poison punches Valtrosi in the chest.)
Valtrosi: "Your little hand will sooner break then damage my armor!"
Poison: "Well, I guess I'll have to break my hand, then."
(Poison unleashes a flurry of punches; Afterwards her hands drips with green blood. Valtrosi is unphased.)
Valtrosi: "Most amusing! Is this the result you were anticipating?"
(Drops of blood from Poison's hand drip onto the deck and dissolve little holes in the surface.)
(Poison flicks her hand upwards sending blood shooting forth.)
Cobalt Arachne (@Nayreia) 3rd Apr 2021, 10:36 AM
Cobalt Arachne (@Nayreia)
As some of you may know, I recently had the incredible opportunity to join Homecoming’s development team as an artist/writer. As a creative type, there is nothing more exciting than being involved in helping create the future content that will continue to move the City of Heroes game world and narrative forward.

The difficulty in this comes with the commitment of myself, the time available for said commitments, and all efforts undergone being fueled purely with volunteer hours.

My comic work, Fragmentary Veritas, occupied an important place in my life, as the creative outlet to express myself in the context of the game that was so crucial to my development as an artist/writer. With this chance to bring that creative energy to the game's future itself and making new content for its players to enjoy comes with it the difficulty of the limitations of time.

The web comic was something I dedicated a large portion of my free time to doing, and it often exceeded those allowances and I have poured hundreds of hours into it over the past months making it happen.

Unfortunately, this is causing a strain on me between learning the multitude of systems to be able to contribute worthwhile results as a game developer and finding time to draw and create the comic. The development tools are powerful but creating new content takes time, especially so as a novice developer on the team.

For this reason I’ve made the very difficult decision to put the Fragmentary Veritas comic on hiatus for the time being, while I focus my efforts on creating the very best new content I can for the entirety of the Homecoming player base to enjoy in the future.

I won’t be going anywhere this time; I’ll still be around in the Discord and to do role playing events, but the time commitment of creating new comic pages (each one is usually over 10 hours of work a week) is something I believe will be more valuable investing in content development efforts that everyone will get to enjoy.

This is a good chance to thank everyone who’s supported the FV comic so far, both to everyone who was a reader and the Veritas Mercenaries who participated; While I don’t have a timeline on when I might get back to the comic project, it’s something that has been crucial in defining who I am today.

I hope everyone looks forward to playing the future Homecoming: City of Heroes story/mission content I’m putting my all into creating for you!